10 Gbps Super Fast RDP

Get your RDP running in Minutes!

  • Network/Port 10Gbps
  • Encoding Not Allowed
  • NO Admin Access
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Location: Netherlands
For heavy uses, fastest RAR/UNRAR & 10Gbps Upload/Dounload speed.

Netherlands 10Gbps Super Fast RDP

Super Fast
Silver plan
20 /mo
Gold plan
28 /mo
Diamond plan
35 /mo
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Premium Network

10Gbps full duplex premium networks.

Pre-Installed Applications

We are providing the basic applications pre installed with all RDP Plans


Premium Support

We are Providing 24/7/365 premium support through Livechat or our Ticketing System.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We have great power systems for running servers continuously, so downtime is negligible. Which makes you continuous work.

Affordable Price

We are offering cheap and affordable price for the RDP services, Which gives you a good experience from us.

1 Hours Setup Time

You can get RDP immediately after order, we will take some time to setup a new RDP if not ready.

frequently asked

question & answers!

You can contact our Technical Support Engineer through livechat or support ticket to install the applications. They will help you with installing the application in your 10Gbps RDP.
The Setup time for activating a cheap RDP in 1-2 hour. But normally we activate the RDP within 30 minutes. You will get your login detail within 30 minutes after payment/successful order.
Yes, we are providing conditional refund for the RDP within 24 hour of RDP activation. You can ask us for refund for your RDP if you have a valid reason; like, RDP not working, You are not able to login in your RDP, etc. You can't ask us for refund; like, I don't need this.
We are currently accepting WebMoney, PayPal, Payza, Paytm, Bitcoin for purchage a RDP. You can also use your credit/debit card to buy a RDP through PayPal, Paytm and Payza.
In 10Gbps Super Fast RDP, you will not get admin access, you are not allowed to use any encoding application for encoding or anything, you cant use any kind of VPN in our any RDP.
We are providing The Netherlands server for 10Gbps Super Fast RDP. For 10Gbps Super Fast RDP we are using a tier 2 Data Centers server from Netherlands location.
We are providing 10Gbps Super fast RDP for the user who want a very high speed for their work like, Zip/UnZip or RAR/UnRAR, Upload Download. In this 10gbps RDP we have full SSD disk for this server, which means the Operating System in already installed in SSD disk, and all the users will get their own private SSD disks. It has a true 10Gbps full duplex speed with SSD, which make the server very fast without any kind of lag. We are also offering very Low price for 10Gbps RDP.