Need Rdp At Low Price

If you need an rdp at low price, then HostingCounter is here to provide you the RDP at low cost. HostingCounter provides various option to get an rdp at low price.anyone can ask to support for the custom configuration using live chat, skype chat or by creating a support ticket on the client area. Few low price RDP plans are listed on the below URL:

Netherlands RDP plan for low budget

If that plans are not suitable to your need then talk to our sales team, they will help you to get the appropriate rdp plan with custom configuration.

Dedicated Server 10gbps Unmetered

Unmetered servers having no restrictions on bandwidth, If some one required to transfer unlimited data from one server to another location or having high traffic sites/application need to be deployed then he can prefer the unmetered dedicated servers. Unmetered servers include the price of bandwidth with the hardware cost. Unmetered server will apply an extra charge for their bandwidth.

10gbps is the port speed of transferring the data in a unit of time. Servers having 10gbps port is capable to transfer 10 gb data per second.

100TB Dedicated Servers

100TB Dedicated Server has although bandwidth for running the websites has a good traffic. and HostingCounter is providing the 100TB dedicated server in low cost. Netherlands 100TB Dedicated server is the reliable in its performance. we are leasing the 100TB Dedicated servers from Netherlands Data Center which has a great infrastructure network with high bandwidth.

Which RDP plan is best suitable for downloading and uploading?

Which RDP plan is best suitable for downloading and uploading?

If you are planning to purchase an RDP for downloading and uploading purpose, then you have to take care of these specifications:

  • RDP should have SSD Disk.
  • Processor of RDP should be E5/I7 series of Intel dual Core.
  • RDP should be 20 Cores/40 Threads.
  • Clock speed of RDP should 3.5GHz or more with Turbo boost technology.
  • and port speed is the major aspect on all the above.

What dedicated servers Hosting Counter providing?

What dedicated servers Hosting Counter providing?

HostingCounter providing the various kind of Dedicated Servers below is the categorization on different parameters:

  • Netherlands Dedicated Servers
  • France Dedicated Servers
  • India Dedicated Servers
  • US Dedicated Servers
  • Singapore Dedicated Servers


  • Intel Quad-Core Xeon X3430
  • Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1230
  • Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3 1270
  • Intel Xeon E5 2620
  • Intel Xeon E5 2650
  • Intel Xeon E3-1220
  • Intel Xeon E3-1240
  • Intel Xeon E5-1650
  • 2 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E 5620
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5 2403
  • VIA Nano U2250 1.6Ghz


  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB


  • 100 Mbps
  • 1Gbps
  • 2Gbps
  • 10Gbps
  • 100Gbps


  • 5TB
  • 100TB

Before making an order we would recommend that you should confirm the availability of the mentioned Server with support team via live chat or skype.